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Urodynamic studies (UDS)

Mr Dudderidge may request urodynamic studies if you have urinary symptoms. Many men with symptoms can be managed based upon interpretation of your symptoms, your urine flow rate, your bladder ultrasound after urination and your bladder diary. However in cases where there is uncertainty or a need for proof prior to invasive procedures  the urodynamics test the bladder pressure during bladder filling and emptying.

The test involves placing a small tube  (a catheter) in the bladder and the rectum. The bladder tube fills the bladder with fluid and both tubes measure pressure and allows a calculation of the work of the bladder muscle, the detrusor.

The aim is to detect the presence of obstruction, bladder instability and the type of any urinary incontinence identified. The procedure is performed in clinic and you can go home soon after the test is done.

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