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The team

Dr Roy Amit Kukreja 

Consultant anaesthetist

Roy qualified from King’s College, London, in June 2000, and undertook his post-graduate training in anaesthesia through Wessex School of Anaesthesia. After this, he worked as an attending physician at the University of Michigan, USA, for two years before taking up his consultant position at University Hospital Southampton. Roy specialises in providing anaesthesia for major surgery. He also has a specialist interest in providing high quality dental sedation through his company 3H Medical.

Dr Richard Heames 

Consultant anaesthetist

Richard graduated from the University of Southampton in June 1993 and undertook higher training in both the UK and Canada. He qualified as a consultant anaesthetist in August 2005 and is now based at Southampton General Hospital, with an interest in managing patients undergoing major complex surgery.

Dr Alex King 

Consultant oncology radiologist

Dr Alex King, a consultant oncology radiologist based in Southampton, has a particular interest in image-guided tumour ablation. 

Alex and Tim successfully combine their respective skills and expertise to perform image-guided prostate cryotherapy as a joint procedure in a safe and controlled manner.

Dr David J. Breen 

Abdominal and interventional radiologist

David is a world expert in abdominal imaging and solid organ cancer interventions. He has been president of the British Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (BSGAR), vice-chair of the NHS England Interventional Radiology CRG and served on the NIHR Upper GI CSG. He is committed to new research and developments in liver and renal tract imaging. See Cancer Ablation UK for more information.

Dr Julian Nixon

Consultant anaesthetist

Julian qualified from the University of London in 1994, moving to the south coast in 1996 to start his training in anaesthetics. In 1999, due to a growing interest in intensive care medicine, he took a sideways step to do a training rotation in general medicine, gaining his membership of the Royal College of Physicians (completed 2003). Julian returned to anaesthetics in 2001, starting a training rotation based at Southampton and gaining his fellowship to the Royal College of Anesthetists in 2003.


Julian completed advanced training in intensive care medicine and was awarded a dual CCT in intensive care medicine and anaesthetics in April 2006. He was appointed as a consultant in intensive care medicine and anaesthetics at University Hospital Southampton, taking up post in May 2006. His specialist interests in anaesthetics include complex major surgery (major urology and hepatobiliary surgery) and orthopaedics (mainly hip, knee, foot and ankle).

Dr James Smart and Dr Ken Tung


Dr James Smart and Dr Ken Tung both provide specialist urological radiology reporting for Tim’s patients at the Spire. Both were specially trained in advanced reporting techniques for diagnostic multi-parametric prostate MRI scans for the PROMIS study, which was led locally by Tim. This study has confirmed the accuracy of these scans in the detection of prostate cancer and, building on their great experience and reporting skills, Tim can now safely avoid prostate biopsies in many men with reassuring scans.

Dr Catherine Heath


Dr Catherine Heath, a consultant clinical oncologist and honorary senior clinical lecturer, trained in Leeds and completed a fellowship in Toronto. She specialises in radiotherapy for urological malignancies including IMRT with image guidance, prostate brachytherapy (low dose rate and high dose rate) and radioisotopes including radium-223.

Dr Heath is a trustee and founding member of the British Uro-Oncology Group (BUG), which was formed in 2004 to meet the needs of UK clinical and medical oncologists specialising in the field of urology.

Dr Harish Reddy


Consultant clinical oncologist Dr Reddy completed his oncology training in Nottingham and has had additional training in prostate brachytherapy in Leeds. He specialises in radiotherapy for urological malignancies using IMRT, IGRT and high dose rate brachytherapy. 

Dr Reddy’s research interests include radiotherapy and systemic therapy clinical trials for prostate and bladder cancer. 

Dr Jeff Theaker and Dr Charlie Tilley

Cellular pathology

Dr Jeff Theaker and Dr Charlie Tilley are consultant histopathologists who have a specialist interest in urological cancers. Having support from expert pathologists is crucial when making tough decisions about cancer treatment and surveillance. Fast turnaround and prompt communication of results are key strengths of the Spire’s pathology team.

Tim Dudderidge Medical Partnership

Mr Tim Dudderidge


Consultant Urological Surgeon

University Hospital Southampton

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