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Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MP-MRI)

MP-MRI is the most advanced imaging for localised prostate cancer we have. MRI was once used for testing men whose biopsies showed cancer. Now Mr Dudderidge uses MP-MRI prior to any invasive testing and in many men biopsies can be avoided completely after having this scan. Mr Dudderidge was a significant contributor to the PROMIS study, which showed that the scan was about 90% accurate in the detection of important disease and that at least 25% of men could avoid a biopsy when trying to detect clinically significant disease.

MRI scanning requires high quality equipment, experienced and skilled radiographers and specialist radiological interpretation. The team at the Spire use the latest Siemens MRI scanner and it has been optimised to deliver prostate MRI scans that meet the stringent European Society of Uro-Radiologists guidelines for MP-MRI. Dr Ken Tung and Dr James Smart both reported MRI scans for the PROMIS study and have had specialist training in assigning PIRADS scores to patients scans. This score helps define the risk of cancer on the scan and helps Mr Dudderidge to decide who needs a biopsy.

The MP-MRI takes 45 minutes and requires an injection of contrast. Mr Dudderidge sees many men who present with high PSA and will typically try and get a scan the same day. Please ask ahead of your initial visit if you think you may need a scan and we can book you in. Some patients are not suitable fro MRI scans so please let me know if you have any metal implants or if you are claustrophobic.

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