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New injection could stop impotence and incontinence in men receiving prostate cancer treatment.

July 2017 

A new injection could spare men the side effects of prostate cancer treatment, such as impotence and incontinence.

The drug, being trialled by British doctors, is injected into tumours to kill them, but leaves surrounding healthy tissue and nerves intact.

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Paracetamol, Prostate and HIFU, Uncertainty - Oxygen and Heart Attacks

January 2017 

Mr Tim Dudderidge, Consultant Urologist speaks to Dr Mark Porter on Radio 4’s Inside Health programme. He discusses the options for prostate treatment. Listen below or view the transcript.



This story was also covered by BBC Radio Solent [53.32].

New scan helps men avoid risky and painful prostate biopsy when they first suffer symptoms of cancer

June 2017 

Men with suspected prostate cancer could be spared painful and risky needle biopsy tests thanks to a new scanning technique that can detect tumours just as accurately, a new study has found. Read more.


Treating prostate cancer with sound waves

March 2016 

Doctors believe a “revolutionary” sound wave technique being used to treat prostate cancer could be as effective as surgery or radiotherapy – and cause fewer side effects. Read more.

This story appeared in the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph.


The freezing needles that turn prostate cancer into ice cubes: Treatment that destroys tumours being offered to men as alternative to surgery.

June 2015

A treatment that destroys tumours by turning them into ice is being offered to men as an alternative to traditional surgery for prostate cancer. Doctors hope the highly accurate technique may help spare more patients from risks associated with full surgical excision of the gland – such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction. Read more

This story appeared in the Daily Mail and the Daily Echo.

Me and my operation: Ice cold gas that kills prostate cancer and cuts side-effects

July 2015

David Tallant, 68, a grandfather and retired carpenter from Poole, Dorset, had his prostate cancer treated with a freezing procedure. Read more.

This story appeared in the Daily Mail.


New cancer treatment available for first time

March 2014

It is a revolutionary treatment that up until now had only been available to private patients in Southampton. But today, for the first time, NHS patients in the city will be treated with an innovative therapy that can transform the life of those fighting prostate cancer and avoid the need for invasive surgery. Read the full story.

This story appeared in the Southern Daily Echo.


How a diving chamber heals damage left by prostate cancer treatment

May 2013

When Andrew Delf was told treatment for his prostate cancer had been successful, he felt an overwhelming sense of relief. The 47-year-old hospital porter had been diagnosed with the disease in 2010 and had undergone radiotherapy to treat an aggressive tumour. Read more.

This story appeared in the Daily Mail.