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Blood in urine

Finding blood in your urine is potentially a risky symptom that needs urgent investigation.

Although there are many causes of blood in the urine, the most concerning is bladder cancer.

Patients with blood in their urine are seen at the next available clinic to discuss possible causes, which may include infection, prostate enlargement or stones.

Investigations are performed as soon as possible, and may include blood and urine tests, an ultrasound scan, an x-ray and a cystoscopy, a procedure used to examine the inside of the bladder using an instrument called a flexible cystoscope.

Treatment options for bladder cancer very much depend on how far advanced the tumour is. Tim will discuss the best possible plan with you and ensure treatment is carried out swiftly.

Meanwhile patients with benign (harmless) results can be reassured and choose to have the underlying cause treated.

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